Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Elf is an absolutely amazing addition to our family and one day he may truly be a lifesaver if my son wanders off, as children with autism are prone to do. He would have never been a part of our family though without all of the generous financial support that we received from friends, families, and mainly total and complete strangers.  I hope that one day we will be able to financially pay forward all of the financial help that we received but at the moment that isn’t even slightly possible. I can however use this blog today to share with you a few families’ efforts to raise much needed funds for their own special needs children and/or raise autism awareness in their own unique ways.  Maybe, just maybe, this can be the beginning of our pay-it-forward process. Perhaps you could be a part of the pay-it-forward process by sharing this blog with others and if you are ever looking for any gifts, these folks have some great products for you to enjoy. 

Gina St. Aubin
Gina St. Aubin is the author of Special Happens, an combination blog and resource for the special needs community. At one point, Gina dabbled in jewelry with the finest swarovski crystals, balinese, hill tribe and sterling silver. Her necklaces, bracelets and earrings are unique, stylish and can be worn every day or to special occasions. The proceeds of her jewelry sales go directly to medical expenses for her son (diagnosed with cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy and sensory processing disorder). Flip through the photos and note the prices already discounted 40%. Shipping is free to the United States and Canada.

Jars By Lisa
When I first started decorating jars it was for my own personal use, little did I know that 3 years later I would be selling them to not only allow myself to be a stay at home mom, but to also raise Autism awareness for my son and family.
I currently offer all the major holidays for my jars and have recently expanded to include Autism jars. I use real puzzle pieces donated to me by families affected by autism. I have a variety of colors and sizes that can be used.  I also customize ornaments with personal pictures, names and phrases. I can also customize my jars to just about anything that can be imagined.
My jars can be found at facebook.com/jarsbylisa  You can also contact me directly through email at  racersmommy78@gmail.com
Prices vary and can be found on the site; the price also does not include shipping. 

Adventures of One Sock by Roy Ruiz
I’ve always been a story teller by nature, I love reading to my kids but mostly making up stories to entertain them as well. It seemed only natural that I would turn that into a children’s book for my son. He’s 6 and at the age of 3 we were told that he had Autism, it hasn’t always been a easy road but writing about him has made it easier for me as a father. When I decided to turn it into a published series I let Racer pick the artist he liked best, he was and has been part of the entire process since the start, its been a great bonding experience to say the least.
My first book is called Adventures of One Sock "The Lion" . I have also recently started a kickstarter account to help me fund the rest of the series.  I’m hoping to raise awareness for Autism and for my son through this series, through some of the light-hearted adventures that my son and family have found ourselves in.  The kickstarter account can be found at: